Occupational Therapy Australia is pleased to introduce Australia’s inaugural Virtual OT Exchange, taking place 14-15 September 2020 online. Designed to be accessible and approachable, the Virtual OT Exchange is an inclusive event for all working within the broad spectrum that is occupational therapy. The Virtual OT Exchange will foster relationships, spread important ideas and ignite discussions amongst peers.

At its core, the Virtual OT Exchange is an interactive online conference where participants are encouraged to contribute and employ ideas of value. It is designed so that all participants—whether they are practitioners, students, managers, educators or academics—will implement solutions into their own work. 

The Virtual OT Exchange is themed around three key concepts of Learn, Practise and Enrich. Learn supports the evidence-based approach at the core of our profession. Practise focuses on the application of that knowledge and learning. While Enrich ensures that the work of our profession achieves positive outcomes for our community and supports the lives they want to live.

These three ideals do not operate in isolation. The process isn’t linear, but is a continual cycle/feedback loop. Each of the three themes feeds into and supports one another. This is reflected in the Exchange through its emphasis on collaboration, discussion and lived-experience panels.

Practice domains included in the Virtual OT Exchange 2020 will focus on the four streams of Driving, Environmental Modifications, Paediatrics, Rehabilitation and Knowledge Translation. The Virtual Exchange will give thought-leaders in each field, the opportunity to share their latest approaches to practice and to share their innovative solutions.

The Exchange is truly for all occupational therapists of all levels of experience. While it focuses on certain streams of practice, it also welcomes those interested in those practice areas (not just those currently working in them). The Virtual Exchange is a great first step into presenting for those who are eager to.

The Virtual OT Exchange is a new and collaborative format that we are excited to host for all occupational therapists. We are looking forward to September 2020 as we come together from across Australia (and beyond!) to learn about the latest developments, innovative approaches to practice and work towards enriching our communities.

Anita Volkert 

Liz Ainsworth

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