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OT Mental
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Friday 25 November 2022

CPD Hours

By attending the OT Mental Health Forum 2022, you can claim the below CPD hours. This is based on the program times that presentations are being made and ePoster / exhibitor viewing time.

Friday 25 November 2022: Up to 8 hours*

*Hours are an estimation only, based on a provisional program. Hours are subject to change at the release of the program in July 2022.

You are also eligible to claim hours by completing the following additional activities at the OT Mental Health Forum 2022:

  • Interacting and networking in the exhibition
  • Viewing and engaging with ePoster displays
  • Presenting in the program
  • Chairing a session in the program
  • Watching additional sessions on demand

For the above activities you will be expected to record and provide evidence of your engagement with these activities. As per the CPD Guidelines set by the OTBA, in effect one hour of a professional development activity equals one hour towards your CPD. Review the OTBA Guidelines below.

Occupational Therapy Australia

Recording your CPD

Occupation Therapy Australia encourages you to keep a copy of your program and your receipt or name tag which will specify the days that you have registered to attend. Note the sessions that you attend when you count your CPD hours. Your attendance at this Conference WILL NOT be automatically recorded on your PD tracker on the Occupational Therapy Australia website. (Conferences are handled separately to CPD events on the website). You will need to do this manually by logging on to the website and going to PD> record CPD tab. You are required to keep a personal reflection record which encourages you to take some time to reflect on the implications of the session for your practice.


Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all attendees. This will be sent out via email after the OT Mental Health Forum 1011.

International Delegates

International delegates are encouraged to check in with their respective association to determine whether the OT Mental Health Forum 2022 adheres to their CPD regulations.

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